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Piece of Slickenside Sandstone found when digging foundations for ‘Windy Howe’ 20 Hillfield, Frodsham, in 1930/31 together with an article on ‘Main Street’ by Mr. Hutton from the Chester Chronicle (kept in Documents file). Presented by Mrs. A.M. Thomas, 8, Overton Drive, Frodsham, in 1983 1930-31

Iron cannon ball. Weight 15 1bs 14 oz. (Found with the use of a metal detector on Frodsham Hill) Presented by the finder, Mrs. Dilys O’Neill of 3, Belvedere Close, Frodsham.

Bottle. Clear pale green with name - Frodsham Mineral Water Co. Ltd., Frodsham. Base stamp- G799 S2 JGB. Presented by Philip Eades.

Bottle. Dark green. Name - Frodsham Mineral Water Co. Ltd., Frodsham. Base stamp - N & Co. Ltd., 5961.

Commemorative Medal to celebrate the opening of the Manchester Ship Canal by Queen Victoria, May 21, 1894. Presented by Joan Emmerson, 1984. 1894,1984

Portion of a Tudor window. . - Donated by Dr. Philip Dodd

Old coin (Roman - Caesar? )

7 Bottles; - Pale green - Greenall Whitley, Warrington. - A. Cooper, Widnes & Runcorn. - H. Fairhurst, Warrington. - H & F & Co. Warrington. Hexagonal, pale green, labelled “Surgical Spirits, Poison.” Dark green -- no mark. -- A. Cooper, Widnes.

4 Cartons of finds only partly sorted from the Frodsham dig in 1984.

3 Plastic bags of finds only partly sorted from the Aston Water Mill Dig in 1985-86. 1985-86

Stone foot warmer. - Donated by Ian Waite, Park Lane, Frodsham

Medallion presented to J. Nield by the Worshipful Company of Blacksmiths in 1983. - Donated by Mrs. Nield, Riversdale, Frodsham.

Kydd & Kydd pay tally.

“Overton” - an oil painting, framed. Donated by nephew of Enid Jones.

Trinity Church interior - photograph, framed. - Donated by nephew of Enid Jones

3D contour map made as part of a college thesis in 1936 of Frodsham and District. Donated by Margaret Blythe in 1988 (Damaged beyond repair- discarded). 1936

Token from “The Frodsham Dividend Store” for 10/-. Donated by J. Berry, Swanage, Dorset.

2 Corded silk badges -- Coronation, June 1911. Donated by Mrs. Moore, Brixham, via Mr. T. Nicholls, Frodsham. (In 1st Aid Box 1.) 1911

Red corded silk badge -- Marshall, May 12, 1937. Coronation Celebrations. (In 1st Aid box 2)

Red corded silk badge-- Judge . (1st Aid box 3) 23 & 24 donated as 22.

Victorian orange shredders. (2)

German medal found in a garden in Borrowdale Close in the 1960's. Donated by Mr. G. Bunner in1992.

Window frame from the Helter Skelter on Mersey View.

Ground ginger container, Gleason & Co. Ltd., Sandfields. Donated by Mrs. Wilkinson, Frodsham.

Silver trowel used for laying the foundation stone at Crossley Hospital in 1902, in a glass fronted case. Donated by N. Cheshire Health Authority, 1994. 1902

Linen apron-- hand stitched.

1940 Home Guard schedule of farms + map of Frodsham area.

Ancient coins donated by Jack Berry

Decorated sword and scabbard.

Pair of ice skates belonging to Mrs. Greening of Newlands, Manley Road.

Photograph wallets donated by Mr. & Mrs. B Sutton.

A broken teapot -- a present from Overton Hills.

Tools, nails and plane -- a blacksmith's?

Collection box for Frodsham District Nursing Association.

Eel spear loaned by F. W. Clarke.

Photocopy of Kemp's Plan of Castle Park's house and garden.

Large framed print of Cheshire c. 1855. 1855

Altar cover in green and gold.

United Sunday Schools Banner.

Frodsham Town Badge for 2000 (the Bee)

War Savings Campaign, Large Relief Plaque, 1943. 1943

Framed coloured print of West Door of Chester Cathedral.

2 gold picture frames. Glass broken on one.

Crude oil painting of a thatched cottage on the Isle of Wight. Frodsham connection unknown

50+ Large framed photographs of Council Dignitaries and Mayors stored in basement.

1 Cricket ball. (Returned to Mr. J. Gelling)

Pair of puttees - 1st World War.

1 Glass presented by Mrs. D. Smith for the 'Over 70's 50th Anniversary. 13th October, 1990. From Frodsham Parish Council.

The Frodsham Parish Constable's Truncheon. Inscribed -- 'George 1111' with the Royal Cypher and 'Frodsham. 'Bought by Society at Auction, 1998.

Neolithic stone Axe Head found at Aston Lane Farm.

OXO tin with pen knibs ' pen in case.

Gas Mask in W.W.2 box.

Gossages Magical Soap donated by Mr. & Mrs. C Oldroyd

Union Flag with crown in blue and yellow.

1914 - 1918 First Aid bandage from Joseph Funnell. 1914-18

Plate -- Five Crosses Wesleyan Sunday school.

Plate -- ' ' ' Chapel, Eden.

Plate -- Frodsham Liberal Plate

Plate -- Decorative - Grandfather and Grandson.

Saucer --Five Crosses Sunday School.

Unidentifiable Wooden Stopper.

Wooden Collection Box.

Cast of foot prints of Chirotherium.

Kydd & Kydd Jar for fruit preserves.

Unidentified lump of METAL. Grenade remnant?

Note book -- empty-- from Joseph Ashworth & Sons Ltd. of Frodsham Bridge.

Enamelled G.P.O. collection slate of Holly Bank.

Certificate from Frodsham Recording Services of Alfred D. Turner 1939. 1939

2 Certificates for Distinguished Service. Lance Corp.R. Burkhill 1945 - 46 1945-46

Red Cross and A.R.P. training -- 1943. 2 Medals + Citation.

Small piece of decorated wooden panel

Frodsham Carnival plaque for best adult float

History of Frodsham display panels

Numerous artifacts from 1984 dig - unspecified source

Unidentified Objects from Aston Water Mill near the white bridge by the Bridge Inn

Nine paintings by Joe Barker of Vanishing Frodsham.

Elsie Davies's Nurse's uniform - c.1914-1920 (ref D 334) in small brown square case.White armband - Medical Service 12.12.17 Black armband - St. John/s Voluntary Aid DetachmentFull length white apronBlack nurse's capWhite full length 'nightshirt'? stained Beige full length uniform with stripes on sleevesWhite full length apron Charcoal coloured full length coat.Her certificates. 1914-1920

Wooden Projector - with flip cards. (Epidiascope?) (unworkable )

Photograph Album of Castle Park Staff from 1940 - 1974. (donated by Mrs. W Hawkin) 1940-1974

Framed certificate of War Service appreciation of John A Cragg 1939 - 1945.

Small knife found in Castle Park House gardens - age and use unknown.

Cuttings Album from Frodsham Guides donated by Mrs. Janet Walker.

Sandstone sculpture - Head of Australian soldier. Patient in Military Hospital WW1 ((under desk))

14 framed photos of Old Frodsham, and ships. Donated by Mr. Charles Swan

Frodsham High School Archive
Photo of Frodsham Secondary School (1956). 13 History boards. Two sports cupsEight school shields Triangular pennant from German City of Kelsterbach. Selection of children's work, newsletters. Photo albums and visitors book. House Booklets Formal framed photographs 1953 - 1956 - 1977 - 1991 - 1996 -1998 - 1999 - 2009 Large framed Partnership record of FHS and Kelsterbach. See also Documents section for other entries.

General Archive Resumed
23 coloured photographs of the 1891 Trinity Methodist Church Banner, showing embroidered family names. Photo of Mrs. Caldwell, who stored it.

Poster Project Framed photographs of Frodsham Famous Faces Exhibition.Sir Alan Waterworth, Ann and Mike Morris of Selmeston, Gary Barlow, Take That, Tim Firth, Cisse (Lord of the Manor Frodsham), Emma Cunniffe (2), George Bunner, Paula Radcliffe, Daniel Craig, Andrew Rudd, Alice Coote, Phil Redmond, Bob Carolgees.

Ground Plan of Trinity Chapel, Frodsham 1890.

Small Table Lectern - dedicated to Bill Hawkin. ((under desk))

Video of Union Church closing Service. 1886 - 2005. (on Table) donations from Mrs. Dorothy Smith

Tape Recording of Bill Hawkin and Dorothy Smith. 3 Peaks Radio 1.9.93 donations from Mrs. Dorothy Smith

Tape Recording of Arnold Jones. 1920s memories. donations from Mrs. Dorothy Smith

Framed Certificate awarded to George Ellams - an honourable discharge 1919.Signed by - George RI.

CD of Runcorn Historical Society - Archive List.

WW2 Framed Service Certificate of Thomas Davies 1939 - 1945 (donated by Mr. Draper of St. Helens).

St. Lawrence Church sketch painting. (Donated by Mr. A.R. Smith)

Castle Park Arts Centre drawing. (Donated by Mr. A.R. Smith)

Edward A. Davies - framed award certificate - 'Frodsham's Pride' 1939 to 1945. (Donated by Mrs. Draper)

CD 68 views of Castle Park 2005 - 2011 (donated by Dr. Kath Gee)

CD of the 1938 repairs to Frodsham Viaduct from the 2 cine films donated byMr. David Hughes, son of Roy Hughes who was in charge of the work. (About 4 minutes retrieved and 2 copies) Hand written letter from Mr. D. Hughes

C D of 'Port of Frodsham' dissertation by Peter Swift in 2007. 2 copies in box on table. Scanned photos in filing cabinet. D536 (Donated by Mr. M. Verity in 2013)

CD listed, named and positions of of Graves in St Laurence' Church grounds.

A small metal record needle cutter for wooden needles, each used only once to hear a recording. -- no date. (Donated by Mr.& Mrs. R. Burd. 2013)

4 clear glass mineral bottles (found in garden of Lime Ave. and donated by Mr. & Mrs. Whittingham 2014)Ellison & Corker of Frodsham . With trade mark and marble stopper.Hankinson & Son of Runcorn and Northwich . With trade mark and marble stopper. made by Cannington Shaw & Cale(?)A.Cooper of West Bank Widnes. With trade mark and cork stopper. J.H.Cuff Ltd. of Manchester. With marble stopper.

Discovered Coat c1800-1830s - and sample of thatching nails etc - found in vicinityof chimney rubble of Flower Cottage, Hillside Road. Date of cottage also under question -c.1600 (in archival box on top of cabinet)

(Photographic) Small blue box. Slides and photographs donated by T Edmonds 1996 of Frodsham, Elton, Helsby, Preston Brook, Runcorn, Liverpool Airport, Liverpool Cathedral, the 1987 Frodsham Carnival. 6in x 8in coloured photos of Sutton Weaver swing bridge.

(Photographic) Archival box - Mounted exhibition photos of interior and exterior of Abbott Wright's Castle Park House, grounds and ground staff.

(Photographic) Archival box - photos of Frodsham High School, staff and students.

3 portfolio cases of mounted images of Castle Park and the 'Then and Now' exhibition of 2000.

Display stands.

Financial records to 1996. Receipts & payments to 1996. Financial records to 2006. Society Bank Statements to 2006. Financial Receipts & payments 1997 - 2005.On going Minutes. 2007 -2009

WW1 cartoons and Cheshire Regiment . Large black file.

Archive Room.

CPAC CD of the WW1 exhibition held by the Town Council + joint cooperation with St. Lawrence's Church, FDHS, British Legion, Library, schools. ( don. John Hughes)

Photographs - Scrap book of Weaver Division Trefoil Guild - (Frodsham) for guides who are over 18. 1998 - 2002 (don. by Nikki Barker and Janet Walker)

Joe Barker's Frodsham slides used for his booklet on Old Frodsham. ( in cassette) ) (don. by Nikki Barker.)

W W 1 Original framed embroidery - by Pte Harry Ellison. Cheshire Regiment, See D 590 for details ( In safe keeping for Miss Mary Gold's Family)

4 albums of 'Frodsham Players' productions - photographs, programmes, press cuttings from 1942 - 2004 . ( In safe keeping on their behalf from Mrs. Gill Burd)

Box of Daub and Wattle fragments -poss. from demolition of an unidentified cottage behind Main St.

A Dr. English's brown attache case containing medical instruments from c 1930-40s. with annotated photos & notes from Prof. Martin Hewitt as to possible age/career. Found in loft of a Sandiway house near Chester, many years ago . (Donated by Katherine Shingler in 2015) Information in documents D 626 1930-1940

WW2 Baby's Gas Hood 1939.. Issued by Home Office. Found in a Frodsham relative's attic. (Value £200 now?) Information -. Baby is placed inside the chamber - flap folded between baby's legs. Once inside it is essential to pump fresh air into the chamber to help baby breathe using the attached pump.( on loan and in safe keeping for Allen Wales, 2016) 1939

Ink sketch by B.F. Turner of CPAC presented to Arthur Smith in recognition of his work.(unframed.) 2000

Two Framed photographs;- 1. John ? of Kingsley on pony and trap in Church St. Frodsham (illegible notes on back). 2. Photograph of Main Street, Frodsham - same hand writing c 1890s

2 red Ceramic poppies from the Poppy Waterfall (cascade). Variety of materials -1000 Poppies made by the 4 Primary Schools, art work produced by Frodsham Town Council members and volunteers and installed in Princeway Health Centre by the Management(Commemorating the Frodsham Fallen of the Somme Battle) - Donated by F T C F T C 2016

Framed Certificate - a Record of Frodsham's appreciation of Elizabeth Lloyd's wartime service 1939-1945.(Found in a Guildford skip 2016 and returned.) - Donated by Carole A. Rose of- B T U Supplies Ltd. Guildford. F T C 1939-1945

3 Photographs. Vale Royal District Council Inauguration 1st April 1974 Souvenir Photograph presented to members by the Chairman of the Council, Mr. Albert Lowe. Photo -group The Highfield Tanning Co. Ltd. Runcorn 1953 Runcorn Rural District Council. Mrs. D. Smith's Father 2nd back row, 6th from left. - Donated by Mrs. Dorothy Smith. 1950s?

Beer mat - very early photo of WW1 Memorial, Overton Hill , without the railings. (poor condition) - Donated by Allen Wales Early 1920s

12 photographs of Frodsham Bridge in very poor state of repair.(Taken by Mrs. Janet Walker) - Donated by Mrs. Walker 2007

2 photographs of Jimmy Johnson & Ron Astbury in Frodsham Carnival costumes 1955 - Donated by Frodsham Town Council

Photographs - Frodsham general - - Donated by Terence Dillon 1890- 1980

2 boxes of Frodsham slides (scanned and added to Photo Collections) - Donated by The Barker Family Joe Barker

3 large photos of Ladies & Men's committees 1919 Peace Celebrations and Frodsham Band. 1 photo of men's committee with K.George & Q.Mary photos behind. No date. Painting of cottages at Frodsham Bridge 1780? - Donated by Joe Barker's Family.

Trophy Shields presented to F T C in 3 boxes - England Scotland Ireland Germany New York Nordfriesland (Stored in basement room.)

Victorian decorated iron stamp. 'Ancient Order of Forrester's Court of Robin Hood' - Donated by Mr. J. Britland

Ancient Order of Forresters Friendly Society. 2 decorated collars ( in green plastic purses) 2 medals, 1 badge. 2 Saving Bank Books- 1891 1904. 2 Minute books 1853 1883 Notes on declining attendance. - Donated by Mrs Ethel Evelin Britland

Large coloured framed print of Ancient Order Of Forresters Friendly Society. In Memory of Brethren who lost lives 1914-1918 - Donated by Mr. J. Britland

Box of Glass Negatives, some printed. From a house in Fluin Lane