Dr. J. Philip Dodd MSc MA 1912 - 1993

Dr. J. Philip Dodd , local historian, lived on Townfield Lane, Frodsham, and when he died he left all his papers to Frodsham & District Local History Group. Amongst these papers were some 35mm transparencies ( 943) taken between 1960 and the mid 1980s. These consisted of seven Kodak boxes and a block of 12 drawers for storing 35mm transparencies. There were also paper lists of the titles. His intention was to photographically record Frodsham in the midst of change and before all traces of the old village had disappeared.

For archive purposes the slides have now been scanned, labels added from the original title sheets, and put first onto a CD, and now made available here. This was done to help the Archivist and allow access to the images without the transparencies having to be handled in future. Please click on 'slides' or 'gallery' to activate the images.

Slide scans from the Kodak boxes are in seven files labelled Box 1, Box 2 etc. The images in each box are labelled (in Box 1) B1 001, B1 002 etc. and so on with B2 001 being the first image in Box 2 ...up to Box 7.

Slides donated by the families of Joe Barker and Tom Edmundson have now been scanned and added to the collection .

Also added are - Kath Hewitt's photographs of -

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Dr Dodd

Dr_Dodd:Drawer 01 Communications - Maps of Frodsham - Modern Frodsham 1963 - Gallery Slides

Dr_Dodd:Drawer 02 Domestic Architecture - Cruck Houses detail - Geomophology Gallery Slides

Dr_Dodd:Drawer 03 The Church - affinity - Buried in wool - Land Taxes - Law and Order Gallery Slides

Dr_Dodd:Drawer 04 Main St North Side- Fluin Lane - Main St South Side Gallery Slides

Dr_Dodd:Drawer 05 History of Settlement - Pre Celtic - Iron Age - Roman Gallery Slides

Dr_Dodd:Drawer 06 Text Documents - Inventories - Accounts - Castle Mills Gallery Slides

Dr_Dodd:Drawer 07 Society 1750 - Taxation 1786 - Militia Gallery Slides

Dr_Dodd:Drawer 08 Frodsham - Highways - Maintenance Accounts 1830 - Building details Gallery Slides

Dr_Dodd:Drawer 09 Manor and Lordship - Manor Court 17th century - Town Fields Gallery Slides

Dr_Dodd:Drawer 10 Frodsham-Overton-Child Mortality-Present Day Farming - Five Crosses - Church St Gallery Slides

Dr_Dodd:Drawer 11 Frodsham Open Fields Ship Field The Marsh Moist Dale Long Field Gallery Slides

Dr_Dodd:Drawer 12 Victorian Homes - Factory Work - Castle Accounts Gallery Slides

Kodak Boxes:Box 1 Estate Maps pre enclosure 1778 Gallery Slides

Kodak Boxes:Box 2 Cottage Histories 1600 - 1800 Gallery Slides

Kodak Boxes:Box 3 Demolitions (Eddisbury Sq and Overton Cottages) Gallery Slides

Kodak Boxes:Box 4 Buildings and Architectural Details Gallery Slides

Kodak Boxes:Box 5 Buildings and Architechtural Details continued Gallery Slides

Kodak Boxes:Box 6 Buildings and Architechtural Details continued Gallery Slides

Kodak Boxes:Box 7 Bradley Manor and Fields Gallery Slides

Joe Barker

Joe Barker Slides: Gallery Slides

T. Edmonson

The Edmonson Collection: Gallery Slides

Archival Exhibitions 2014 - 2017

Archives Exhibition 2017: Gallery Slides

WW1 Exhibition 2014 - 2017: Gallery Slides